Aug 10, 2022

The Weak Men Pandemic

In this podcast Brian and Sam discuss how men in general are giving up on the nuclear family the the terrible effects it is having on our culture and society.  Men are giving up - and right now it time for men to "step up not give up"

Jul 24, 2022

The Problem & Perfection of Paranoia

In this podcast Brian and Sam discuss the reason people get Paranoid and what to do when it sets in.  We also discuss the nature of choice and freewill.  We hope you find it interesting and informative.  

Oct 19, 2021

The Illusion of Free Will

In this episode Brian and Sam discuss what it means use your free will.  The essence of critical thinking and when is it ok to take away freedom.  Enjoy

Jul 18, 2021

Random Thoughts and 1st Time Being Human

In this fascinating episode Brian and Sam work through some random thoughts and a have a robust discussion on our first time being human.  We hope you find it fun and informative.  

May 19, 2021

Don’t Freak the Freak Out!

You are not "in control" of everything so don't freak the freak out.  In this episode Sam and Brian discuss what makes people freak the freak out.  We discuss what is and is not "free will"? We also have a great discussion on giving and receiving.  There is no giving without receiving.



Apr 14, 2021

Neutralizing Negativity

In this podcast Sam and Brian discuss the best ways to neutralize negativity and how anarchy fits in our current political environment.  

Enjoy - Peace Out

Apr 1, 2021

Using Freedom to Take Freedom

In this episode Brain and Sam discuss how people are using their freedom to reduce freedom of everyone under the idea of the supposed "greater good".  We discuss control, anger and triggers and how if we get angry we can activate it to do good and solve problems.

Enjoy the ride.


Mar 2, 2021

Mistake or Fate

In this podcast Brian and Sam talk about how mistakes can effect one's fate.  We discuss the mistake of the current stimulus plan and discuss relevance in detail.  Our politicians are so full of distractions they fool the American people on what is actually relevant and what is is not.  


Feb 16, 2021

A Court of CLOWNS

In this podcast Brian and Sam discuss who our political system has become a "Court of CLOWNS".  Our elected officials need to spend more time unifying and building each other and our Country no dividing and destroying our Country.  Enjoy the perspective......

Jan 30, 2021

It’s a Revolution

In this podcast Brian and Sam talk about the recent movement in the financial markets and how the little guys are coming together to fight against the big money and hedge funds.  It is a revolutionary approach for folks to take back their power.  We also discuss the principles that can pull you out of poverty.  

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